Ideas for LEGO storage

LEGO plane

LEGO: love it or hate it? It’s common for parents to have a love/hate relationship with LEGO. On the one hand it’s this incredible construction toy, with multiple learning opportunities, inspiring children of all ages to create things beyond their wildest dreams. One the other hand it is also an instrument of torture, that clogs […]

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Making a dragon


We spent some time at the weekend doing a bit of craft. We used a range of things from Bostik around the theme of dragons. Here are some of the things we used. There was a specific request to make “a really huge dragon” which did seem like a bit of a challenge, so we settled […]

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Let’s make it in a minute

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that we do quite a lot of crafting and the children love making things. I wrote recently about that here. We have been doing some Halloween craft this last week. You can see our little pumpkins below. We told you a while back that […]

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A crafty Halloween

With half term upon us we have been doing lots of craft, and with Halloween fast approaching much of this has been themed around that. We seem to have had a run of bad luck on coloring things lately. Crayons snapping, pencils constantly breaking and felt tips drying our far too quickly. This week we’ve […]

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