Idyllic locations for a digital detox holiday

digital detox holiday

What are your thoughts on a digital detox holiday? Our children don’t have a huge amount of screen time as they all enjoy being outdoors, but they do enjoy playing a few games on the tablet or watching a Netflix series. Having recently returned from the mountains I can say that I love nothing more […]

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Save the world kids! With the help of The Avengers

tech kit

Are your children into their tech? Do they love construction, figuring things out and using digital tools to create stuff? You might then be interested in checking out the collection by Tech Will Save Us, the makers of award winning do-it-yourself kits and digital tools that help kids to make, play, code and invent using technology. Exciting […]

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Technology in the bathroom?


When you think of the height of technology and the latest gadgets, the bathroom might not be the first thought that crops up in your mind. Some people spend more time in there than others, but when you have a busy life and a family to look after, we always need a place to relax […]

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