Learning about weather


We’ve been learning about and discussing weather this week. We’ve chatted about it in the car on the school run and then I’ve carried that on with the little boys by talking about the shapes and colours in the sky. We talked about all the different kinds of weather we have and what their favourite […]

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Staying warm and dry on the school run

school run

The school runs and playgroup runs are synonymous with rain much of the time. This last few weeks it’s been more snow. I swear that the moment I put my coat and boots on and start piling children and bags into the car it immediately chucks it down. Of course, it’s the same the other […]

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The end of summer

So the summer is over… I don’t really feel that it ever began to be honest. We’ve hardly had any hot sunny days and the paddling pool got used twice which was so disappointing. Now it’s September does that mean I can legitimately start wearing my boots again, or should I try and wait a […]

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