Adventures at Diggerland

adventures at diggerland

Lots of little people get really excited about diggers. The bigger the better right? So diggerland, a place dedicated to these yellow giants should go down well. Diggerland is a thrilling place for any little people who fancy a ride on these machines or just getting up close and personal with them. There are five […]

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Six ideas for UK breaks with a family


Holidays are a great way to spend time together as a family, but it isn’t always practical to head off to some far flung destination, never mind affordable for many people. If you accept that the weather could be doing pretty much anything and not let it affect you, there are plenty of lovely places […]

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Looking after children’s teeth

happy baby

From the moment you see the little flecks of white poking through their gums the realisation that as a parent, you are now also responsible for helping your children develop a positive approach to brushing and caring for their teeth begins. For some that’s earlier than others. The age at which my four children got […]

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