The truth about ‘back to back’ birth

having babies

If you’ve been told your baby is back to back don’t panic. There is lots of time for the baby to turn before labour and if they don’t you can still do it. There were a few concerned looking faces during my last two births but I was so determined to get my babies out without forceps that eventually started to shift them in the right direction. Good luck and trust your body! It will all be worth it.

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How to deal with vertigo while you’re pregnant

vertigo in pregnancy

While you’re entitled to plenty of pampering and perks, there’s also those annoying pregnancy symptoms that you must deal with. Dizziness and vertigo, where you feel like the room is spinning even when everything’s stationary, are amongst the most troublesome symptoms. Although, it usually passes within seconds, there are times when it can last much longer.

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Baby fever? What about trying a range of child-friendly, plant-based cleaning products: WIN your own set here

cleaning around babies

Common to virtually every first-time mum, is the desire to show their new baby to the world. However, they also quickly realise that the mess associated with these tiny humans means both baby and mum are very likely to be covered in…well, something. Possibly lots of different somethings all at the same time!

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