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The best travel toys for pre-schoolers

The best travel toys

Travelling with children requires preparation. If you prepare well, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your time away. Of course there will be a few tantrums and tears along the way (and that’s just the parents) but that’s normal life anyway, it’s not unique to travelling with children. One thing […]

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What’s new? Toys for pre-schoolers

toys for pre-schoolers

Toys: the good, the bad and the awful Over the years since I first became a parent I’ve seen a lot of toys. Some great, some alright and some utterly shocking ones. I’ve bought some things for the children that have lasted for years and a few things that haven’t lasted much more than five […]

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Easy carry around toys

travel toys

I don’t know about you but we can’t seem to move very far without having to take half the contents of the playroom with us. There are toys that the children insist go in the bath with them, some that sometimes have to sit and watch the children eat their lunch, some that have to […]

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Keeping toys clean

keeping toys clean

Trying to keep children’s toys clean can be really hard work. The toys I find the hardest to clean tend to be bath toys as they get grubby really quickly and the squirty toys are especially hard to keep clean, as they can quickly get full of black, gungy grime. Making sure that you squirt […]

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The benefits of character toys

Does your child have a favourite TV character? Who is it? Peppa? Dora? One of the Teletubbies? Fireman Sam? Or something else? Do they have toys that match these preferences? How educational do you think these toys are? I wrote recently about encouraging creativity in children and how character toys that already have personalities and names […]

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Long-lasting toys

Toys that can be passed down, are well made, long lasting and have a wide appeal to different age ranges are my favourite toys of all. If like me, you have a few children you will also appreciate these sorts of toys no doubt. There are some great toys on the market and some really […]

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The perfect toys for Christmas

If you are a parent of a child or children aged between 1 and 5 years old and you haven’t heard of WOW toys you really need to take a look These toys are very appropriately named and quite frankly when I heard of them I said exactly that “WOW”! So what makes these the ideal […]

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