How to care for wounds with children

caring for a wound

Wounds, bumps, knocks, cuts and scrapes Wounds are very common with children. Any parent will tell you that this is perfectly normal. I remember as a child that my little brother’s knees and shins were always covered in bruises from his various adventures, and I remember very well the time he fell on a bramble […]

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Easy first aid for children

first aid

Knocks, bumps, scratches and cuts are a normal part of childhood. As parents we deal with lots of these in the first years of our children’s lives. I don’t think it gets easier necessarily, but you do come to realise that you can’t prevent these things from happening and that really it is a natural […]

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Family Festival Essentials


This week we are heading to Camp Bestival. It’s the first time for us so I’ve been doing a spot of reading up and having a really good think about what our essential items might be. I can’t decide if I am going to return from four days at Camp Bestival completely zen, or having […]

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What’s in your first aid kit?

What do you have in your family’s first aid kit? Do you have a separate one for the children? What are your family must have products, those things you just couldn’t do without? Are there many products in your first aid kit you can use on all the family? I tend to have a ‘grown […]

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Eating al fresco: part two

Welcome to part two of our eating al fresco series. In part one we looked at some of the tasty but easy foods you can have when eating outside as a family. Now, because eating al fresco can mean that you have little people who want to explore the great outdoors, or perhaps a few […]

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