How to care for wounds with children

caring for a wound

Wounds, bumps, knocks, cuts and scrapes Wounds are very common with children. Any parent will tell you that this is perfectly normal. I remember as a child that my little brother’s knees and shins were always covered in bruises from his various adventures, and I remember very well the time he fell on a bramble […]

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Easy DIY hacks

My dad is a man who can. Growing up DYI things were never an issue, he just fixed them. He seemed to be able to fix anything and also make most things from scratch. He can transform a few planks of wood into beds, stunning bookcases, stairs or gorgeous wooden chests. I remember several dads […]

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Making a dragon


We spent some time at the weekend doing a bit of craft. We used a range of things from Bostik around the theme of dragons. Here are some of the things we used. There was a specific request to make “a really huge dragon” which did seem like a bit of a challenge, so we settled […]

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