Omega-3: Why it’s important and how to get it without the fishy aftertaste

Omega-3, we are always being told we need it, but why exactly? Also, is there anyway to get the goodness, without the fishy aftertaste from supplements? If you are someone who has plenty of oily fish in their diet, you might not be too concerned, but if you are one of the many people who don’t eat fish, or the ‘right’ fish, and you can’t cope with the supplements, what else can you do?

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Flora Lunchbox Challenge

flora lunchbox

Packing healthy and tempting lunchboxes everyday can be a real challenge for parents, especially if you are packing several lunchboxes and/or have fussy eaters. When they come back empty though and they ask for the same again the next day, you know you’ve got it right. The #FloraLunchbox Challenge, sponsored by Flora, is all about […]

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Free from improvements

Living a life ‘free from’ something isn’t always straight forward. Whether it is free from wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, egg, nuts, all of these things, or something else entirely it can sometimes be a bore. Each year for the last 12 years since I had to stop eating wheat I have gradually watched things improve, […]

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