3 Major Benefits You Can Expect From Seeing a Nutritionist

Have you ever eaten something healthy and immediately felt great? Have you ever eaten something unhealthy, like junk food, and just immediately felt terrible? They say that you are what you eat, and there might actually be some truth behind it. If you eat a lot of junk, then chances are you’re going to feel like junk.  But if you eat a lot of healthy foods, then there’s a very high chance you’re going to feel great and healthy. There is more than enough content online to help you boost your wellness levels. 

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4 Tips For Harmonious Mealtimes With Kids

It’s no secret to any mum ever that mealtimes with kids can be hectic. The frustration of everyone eating different meals, dealing with the mess that toddlers create as soon as your back is turned for a few seconds, and of course, the complete nightmare of trying to drag the children away from whatever they are doing for a few minutes just to eat something is a daily problem for many.

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Simple, healthy eating with Everfresh: Plus your chance to win a complete selection of their cakes

healthy cakes

Cake doesn’t have to mean over-indulgence these days. There are plenty of healthy alternatives around and Everfresh is one of the latest selections to emerge. Healthy alternative An exciting new range of cakes from Everfresh Natural Foods really is something to shout about. Not only are the cakes created using a minimal number of high […]

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An alternative to rice


During the week, we grown ups try to eat a high protein and low fat diet with very few bulky carbohydrates. This means that I’m always looking for substitutes for rice, pasta and potatoes, as well sources of protein. We are big fans of naked noodles which we use a lot with chicken and fish. We […]

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Healthiest foods on earth

How healthy is your diet? Do you know what is good and what is bad? What you should have lots of and what you should only have in moderation? I love the idea that a good diet and particular foods can improve, even cure certain conditions. There is a wonderful article which explores the 100 […]

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