Top jewellery trends of the summer

fashion trends

Many people tend to forget jewellery and its role in the fashion industry. Nonetheless, whether you want to or not, it cannot hurt to take a look at some of the jewellery available as these make up a considerable part of the fashion ‘trend’. Also they can dress up or down any outfit to change your look.

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Little ones strike a pose with


I had no idea until recently that began in Manchester, not too far away from us. In quite a short time they’ve gone from being one of the best kept fashion secrets to one of the fastest growing international retailers, has quickly evolved into a global fashion leader of its generation. Exciting stuff! […]

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A hat for every winter occassion

I’ve always loved a good hat. I have loads of hats but I’ve never found them that practical with little ones around as they are fascinated with them and pull them straight off or want to wear the hat themselves. A good beret tends to work the best I find, as they stay put quite […]

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Spring and summer trends for little people

Do you have a favourite brand of clothing for your children? I’m not really talking about the everyday stuff, but more your go-to label if you are looking for a few new things for ‘best’ or a ‘special occassion’? Years ago, I fell in love with Petit Bateau. I think it was the comfy, soft […]

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Big brother, little brother

I always thought that if I had ever had twins I wouldn’t dress them the same. I know some people like that and that’s fine, but I always thought that I would maybe go for the same outfit, but a different colour to add some individuality. However, I do find the idea of matching or […]

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