Clogging your skin with chemicals? How to avoid it

care for your skin

Whether it’s skincare, cosmetics, toiletries, or all three you can’t get enough of; you’re probably already pretty savvy about what you’re putting onto your skin each day. Fortunately for health and beauty addicts, there is a growing market for products that are mindful and conscious of what ingredients they contain. Organic and eco-friendly makeup and […]

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Brighten up your ‘mum’ nails

brighten up those mum nails

Mum nails When it comes to ‘mum nails’ I generally see three types around. The first are the beautifully manicured, expensive-looking, pretty nails that make me wonder when they had the time and also how they keep them so nice. The second are the nails that look like they’ve never seen any paint, and perhaps […]

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Finding your summer sparkle

the importance of fish oils

Summer is in sight and with a few nice days already behind us you might be thinking ahead to summer holidays, wardrobes and anything else that makes you sparkle. Anyone else had to crack out the sun cream already? It’s nice to sparkle a bit in the summer months and we have a few suggestions […]

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10 natural secrets to looking 10 years younger

looking 10 years younger

We all want to stay young and healthy forever! Many people choose temporary solutions to look younger, such as makeup, colourful hair dyes, aesthetic surgeries and a lot more. However, ‘apparently’ you can look much younger simply by knowing these 10 natural secrets. 1.     Choose a Good Hairstyle You can look younger and fresher without […]

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