The toddler apology


I feel that I’ve been really lucky so far with all the children in that the only time they are badly behaved is at home. School, nursery, playgroup, play dates and so on, there is never anything but nice things to report. You can’t be an angel all the time though can you so it’s […]

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Boosting children’s health and development

As much as I am fortunate that my children all eat a balanced diet and a variety of fruits and vegetables I am still a big fan of supplements. Supplements are just that…they should ‘supplement’ a good, balanced diet, not act as a filler for something that is not present in the diet. I have […]

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Avoiding the after school low

The big kids (6 and  8) as we call them are busy, busy, busy during the week. They both work hard at school and try their very best. They also take part in a range of after school activities. When they first started school they would be very bad tempered at the end of the school […]

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