The importance of a well-fitted bra

getting a well-fitted bra

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a poor fitting bra. When was the last time you were properly measured for a bra? So many of us just guess our size these days, only to find out that we were way off when measured properly. It’s so important to have a bra that fits properly because […]

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Re-wire you wire with Playtex


Lingerie brand Playtex are one of those brands I associate with both comfort and quality. I’ve bought some lovely Playtex bras over the years, all under-wired as that has always been my preference. What if you could have a wireless bra that still creates support and lift? Would you give it a go? I’ve always gone for […]

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Elle Macpherson – I salute you!

Feeding bras, honestly I don’t know where to start. In addition to the realisation that compared to your pre-baby bras these would work quite nicely as parachutes, buying these babies can be utterly soul destroying. Having now fed four babies across 9 years I can safely say I’ve explored the range of feeding bras on […]

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Choosing the right bra

A good bra can make a huge difference to how you look and feel during the day. Now if my boobs could just stay in the same place after the bra comes off that would be ace! I have been reflecting on my boobs. Having breast-fed four babies now, they are looking a little the worse […]

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