Canvas Prints for your home

canvas prints for the home

Do you have canvas prints? I much prefer them to framed photos, and most of our family pictures are displayed on canvas, rather than in glass frames. Most of our prints however are in glass frames though, I’ve never particularly considered using canvas for other things.

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Fast ways to refresh a room

home decor inspiration

We all want our home to be a pleasant place to live. Unfortunately keeping our house looking good takes both time and money. Both of which a lot of us are short of. We all lead busy lives and many of us sometimes find it hard to make ends meet. Fortunately, there are a lot […]

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Personalise your home with ease

Sometimes, especially when you’ve just moved into a place, your home can just feel like a building, a shell of sorts, where people live. Usually the right kinds of furniture and decoration can be enough to make it feel your own, but sometimes you’ll feel like you need more, particularly if you have moved into […]

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