Festival fun


This year marked the seventh anniversary of The Just So Festival, produced by Wild Rumpus. The aim – to transform the Rode Hall Estate in Cheshire into an eccentric playground of circus, theatre, art, music and all things ridiculous. An annual, intimate, weekend-long camping festival for children and their families, the Just So Festival provides […]

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Meals in minutes

Miniscoff Organic

I’ve always made the children’s meals myself. I enjoy cooking and meal planning and like to know what’s going into their little tummies. As parents we all have the things that we fixate on a little and sometimes that might seem strange to outsiders, but that is just part of being a parent. What the […]

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Celebrating ‘firsts’


As a parent, the first time your child does something is really exciting. Sometimes those things are big milestone type things such as: the first smile; the first rollover; the first word; the first step and so on, but sometimes they are much smaller things. Maybe the first trip somewhere or the first time they […]

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