Gluten Free Snacking

gluten free snacking

Finding a quick snack when you can’t eat wheat or gluten is often not that straightforward. Things are certainly better than they were ten years ago, but it’s still not that easy. Whilst you can easily put together a gluten free meal at home without too much trouble, assuming you aren’t the sort of cook […]

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Easy free from pancakes

quick and easy free from pancakes

Pancake Day is fast approaching, Tuesday 9th February this year, for anyone that isn’t sure. What do you like on your pancakes? When I make them at home I get a range of requests for fillings from lemon and sugar, to jam, chocolate, banana, and my dad likes them with peanut butter and jam blurrrrrrrh! […]

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Free from festive treats

At Christmas there always seems to be an abundance of treats and snacks everywhere you turn. With so many of these containing wheat and gluten it is refreshing to see that Mrs Crimbles are at least offering some tasty free from snacks and treats. There are these delicious macaroons which really are good. Perhaps a […]

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Mums on the run

When you are a mum on the run, eating can be a tricky thing. Many mums either struggle to eat good stuff or forget altogether. I have certainly been guilty of fitting into the forget altogether category in the past – not that it has helped with any weight loss mind you! Trying to stay organised […]

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