Finding your summer sparkle

the importance of fish oils

Summer is in sight and with a few nice days already behind us you might be thinking ahead to summer holidays, wardrobes and anything else that makes you sparkle. Anyone else had to crack out the sun cream already? It’s nice to sparkle a bit in the summer months and we have a few suggestions […]

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Spring vibes: hair, skin, make-up


Spring has sprung, there are daffodils everywhere and April started with a bang with the most enormous April shower I’ve ever seen. I’ve been gradually having a spring clean, de-clutter and through out for a few weeks now. Mainly because there are always other things that need doing, so it takes a while. Make-up One […]

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Reviving ‘mummy hair’


Hair care is something that can alter quite a bit after having children. It’s not that as mums we care less about our hair and don’t want it to look and feel good, just that other things take our time away from just doing our hair. How hair care changes after children Before children I […]

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Cutting children’s hair

boys hair

One of the biggest dilemmas in a mother’s life is whether to cut her child’s hair at home or go to a salon. Kids’ salons tend to be pricey, but at-home haircuts involve sharp objects that come dangerously close to a squirming child’s scalp. What’s a mum to do? Save yourself some money and stress […]

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