Reasons mums hate the telephone

family life

When you are a mum, speaking on the telephone is not the easiest thing, certainly not whilst the children are awake that is. You can message and email whilst doing things with children, but I find it almost impossible to talk to anyone on the phone during this time… I hope I’m not the only […]

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5 money saving tips for families

Life can get expensive when you have a family, especially when there are quite a few of you. Spending doesn’t have to be outrageous though, careful planning can make sure that your family spending stays sensible. There are lots of ways that families can save money, but I’ve included five ideas here for starters. You […]

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Top 20 parental stress triggers

parental stress

As amazing as being a parent can be, we know that parenting can also be incredibly stressful at times. Are there particular situations you find yourself in as a parent that you experience as especially stressful? Do you know what your stress triggers are? Have they changed over time? Getting children to bed, doing the […]

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