Learning about farm life with Schleich

If you haven’t heard of Schleich before then do check out their website. If your children are into animals, or dinosaurs in particular, then they are the number one stop for well-made, high quality and realistic figures and toys. They are the most detailed figures I have seen, the attention to detail is really something, making them a great resource for educational play.

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We’re going on a dinosaur adventure

dinosaurs adventures

Do your little ones love Andy Day and his dinosaur adventures? Our little boys, and in particular our youngest think Andy Day is the king of all things dinosaur related. They love to act out scenes from the show with their own dinosaurs and that includes dressing up as Andy of course. You have to […]

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Learning about dinosaurs


I’ve written a few times about how interested the children, and especially the boys are in dinosaurs. They are loving Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures at the moment they on CBeebies. If your little ones haven’t seen it, check it out as it’s really informative and a lovely show too. I’m really keen to take the children […]

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