What are the most popular toys today?

popular toys

What were your favourite toys as a child? The toys I remember playing with most were My Little Ponies, Keepers, LEGO, farm animals and my bike. I did have quite a My Little Pony obsession at the age of about four years old. My dad challenged me to swim across the other side of the […]

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My First Scalextric: what the boys thought

playing with cars

Any of you parents remember Scalextric? As a child I remember it was that toy that all the boys in my class wanted for Christmas, and it seemed like that for a few years. Of course it’s not just a boys’ toy – maybe if more of us girls had these as children there would […]

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Christmas with Casdon

chip and pin

Parents value good quality toy brands at Christmas. Parents also value toy brands where you can actually get the toy out of the box and up and running for play time in less than three hours. If it doesn’t need batteries then that’s even better – but that’s a whole other conversation. Over the years […]

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Singing in harmony


For their birthdays this year, two of my boys received amazing Star Wars toys from a friend of mine. Now these were pretty amazing anyway but then she told me that they interact with each other…which obviously the boys absolutely loved. They’ve had so much fun with them already. It seems that there are all […]

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