2021 travel trends

Predicting the future at this point might be unlikely, but planning for the future is imperative. As 2020’s unique chapter is finally behind us, many are eagerly looking forward to starting to travel again. The anticipation of 2021 though, has so far been a huge disappointment to so many people, beginning with a lockdown and no signs of travel on the horizon.

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Summer family travel essentials

sun safety for kids

Planning a family trip Family travel can be stressful there is no doubt about it, but planning ahead can take some of the sting out of it. Of course you’ll never be able to dodge every stressful situation or tantrum or bad timing or travel delay even, BUT if you are prepared for most eventualities […]

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Choosing travel insurance

do i need travel insurance

Why have holiday insurance? Insurance is one of those really annoying things. If we don’t get it, we need it and if we do get it we more than likely won’t need it. I totally appreciate why people choose not to take out travel insurance BUT I also think that when you are travelling with […]

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Tips for travelling overseas with a family

dressing the same

One of our favourite things to do is to travel as a family. I write a lot about family travel on the blog and about not being afraid to explore different types of holidays in a range of locations with children. Talking to other parents though, there are lots who choose not to travel far […]

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Health preparations for exotic travel

preparations for family travel

Keeping an eye on your health The secret to keeping safe and healthy on any trip is preparation. Exotic travel can be a wonderful experience, and change your perspective on life. There are, however, often risks associated with travelling to far flung locales. Making sure you are aware of the particular risks involved with your […]

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