5 Family-friendly hotel chains in the UK

family hotels

When you are travelling with children it can make a massive difference when you stay somewhere that is child-friendly. Whilst travelling and being away from home is an adventure, it can be stressful for families trying to do the dinner, bath and bed routine when in a different place. Crikey, that whole part of the […]

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10 Things to do in the Dordogne with children

Dordogne castles

The Dordogne region of south-west France is one of the most beautiful and popular holiday destinations in the country. The Dordogne Valley usually refers to the path followed by the river, and is towards the south of the department where it travels from east to west, passing through Bergerac and many of the other popular villages.

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Carrying your skis with ease

how to carry skis

Skiing, in my opinion is one of the best family holidays you could do, but you don’t want that fun to be clouded by everyone getting cross because their skis are too heavy to carry, awkward, or just keep separating. This alone can alter the whole vibe of your holiday!

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