The truth about ‘back to back’ birth

having babies

If you’ve been told your baby is back to back don’t panic. There is lots of time for the baby to turn before labour and if they don’t you can still do it. There were a few concerned looking faces during my last two births but I was so determined to get my babies out without forceps that eventually started to shift them in the right direction. Good luck and trust your body! It will all be worth it.

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Back pain during and after pregnancy


Anyone out there suffered with back pain during and/or after pregnancy? Perhaps you’ve had that hideous sciatic pain as well? It can be really tough going for some people and quite debilitating. A common problem Lower back pain is one of the most common conditions during pregnancy, yet whilst symptoms often improve after delivery of […]

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Milestone Myths: what should babies do when?

dealing with postnatal bleeding

From the moment we become parents we are met with comments from friends, family, professionals and random strangers regarding their views of our babies and their milestones. Little Johnny and Jemima should be smiling, sleeping through the night, rolling over, sitting up, eating solids, walking and talking by x weeks or months, otherwise it’s not […]

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Confused about sugars?


Confusion Parents, are you confused about sugars? It’s very easy to be, given all the different labelling on foods and drinks and the often contradictory advice from professionals about what our children should and shouldn’t eat. Have you ever been told one thing by your dentist, another by a doctor or nurse and something else […]

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How to care for wounds with children

caring for a wound

Wounds, bumps, knocks, cuts and scrapes Wounds are very common with children. Any parent will tell you that this is perfectly normal. I remember as a child that my little brother’s knees and shins were always covered in bruises from his various adventures, and I remember very well the time he fell on a bramble […]

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Dealing with Chickenpox


Have you had to deal with Chickenpox as a parent yet? It’s not much fun. I’m halfway there with dealing with Chickenpox, the older two children have had it, the younger two are yet to, but with it flying around pretty much non stop I’m on constant Chickenpox alert. As a child I had it […]

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