For the love of the mountains

My love of the mountains began when I was was five years old. My dad, an adrenaline junkie, booked a family skiing holiday, because he thought it was something we should try as a family. My mum, a total heights and speed-phobic, wasn’t so keen, but she went along with it.

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Skiing with children: the benefits

skiing with children

A while back I wrote about the differences in skiing holidays pre and post motherhood. If you didn’t catch that you can see it here. I have always thought that despite the effort required for a family skiing holiday that it is always worth it as there are so many benefits to be gained for children. […]

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The snowtrain: is it family-friendly?

Heading off on a skiing holiday with children requires lots of thought and lots of planning. Skiing is a wonderful way to spend holiday time together but with children in tow the potential for complications is high. Many people assume that if you are heading off on a skiing holiday that you have to fly […]

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