What’s new from the Teletubbies?

teletubby toys

Are your children fans of the Teletubbies? Then listen up because there are some new super cute toys that have joined the Teletubby gang. Great for little hands are the perfectly sized Twist N Chime figures. Made from brightly coloured, chunky plastic these adorable Teletubbies Twist ‘N’ Chime figures are sure to entertain. Little ones […]

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Battle Play with Little Green and Blue Men and Women

Awesome Little Green Men

When it comes to battle play, the little boys don’t need any encouragement. Whether they are playing Power Rangers with their big brother or having a dinosaur battle, they are very imaginative in their play and it’s very entertaining to watch them – when I’m not breaking up a fight over who has what colour […]

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The new playground craze: part two

Num Noms Unboxing

Back in March of this year we introduced you to Num Noms, now Num Noms Series 2 has been released. The deliciously smelling, sell out, collectable toys are back with brand new scents including savoury flavours such as Becca Bacon, Margo Rita and Hammy Burger, complete with a frying pan! With even more characters to add […]

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Learning about dinosaurs


I’ve written a few times about how interested the children, and especially the boys are in dinosaurs. They are loving Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures at the moment they on CBeebies. If your little ones haven’t seen it, check it out as it’s really informative and a lovely show too. I’m really keen to take the children […]

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