4 Hobbies to Try This Year?

Whereas most people’s goals for the New Year often revolve around losing weight and getting fit, not everybody’s are based on these things. Some people may have resolved to force themselves out of their comfort zones and to try new things. If you’re looking to broaden your horizons and try something new, here’s a look at 4 hobbies many people seem to be trying this year.

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What hobbies are mums taking up?

choosing a hobby

When you think about hobbies what do you think of? I guess, if someone asked me that question I’d say exercise. It’s something I enjoy, but never have enough time for, and if I had a spare hour that’s how I’d spend that time. What do you spend your ‘spare’ time doing, or what do […]

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Hobbies for busy mums


Most mums often feel they don’t have time to start a new hobby, having enough to cope with as it is, but it is important to have something that provides a little “me time.” A new interest is stimulating for the mind and body, and many hobbies are surprisingly easy to get into. You may […]

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