Coping with flight delays with children

coping with flight delays

No one likes a delayed flight with or without children – even grown ups are prone to toddler tantrums during a delay. If your flight is only delayed up to an hour you can manage, but anything more than that with small children can be hard work. What happens when you have a 4, 5 […]

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Flying high in Orlando

things to do in Orlando

I love the idea of skydiving. It’s not something I would ever do because I’m not a fan of flying and those little planes that take you up for your skydive put me right off. Also, there’s something that feels odd about doing bonkers stuff like that when you’ve got a tribe of little people. […]

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Ferry Holidays With Children: what are the options?

ferry holidays

Have you planned your summer holiday yet, or are you still wondering where to go this summer? Family holidays for me are about two key things. The first is time together. Quality time together when everyone can relax from the daily routine and just enjoy being together. Now, I know many people think holidaying with […]

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Live the ‘Good Life’ in the Lake District

good life cumbria

The Lake District is somewhere I’d love to spend more time. During university I visited a lot. After my family moved to France I didn’t have a ‘home’ to go back to at weekends, so sometimes I’d go home with a friend. Her parents live in the Lake District. We’d go on long walks with […]

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